We have had the privilege of selling many bunnies and piggies over the past years. Some people we never hear from again, but some have kept us up to date. We enjoy knowing how these bunnies and piggies are doing and we thought we would share some with you.  

This is cute little Roxie, she is one spoiled little pig. She has a outfit for every day of the week!!

 This is Arnold, he is one happy spoiled piggy!!

This is Ellie, she is all dressed up and ready for a corn husker game.
First came Lily then she got a little sister names Abby! They are best friends and love to play together.
This is Brandtly with his best friend Rosco piggy.
This is Tilly she is the life of the party with her family!!
This is Dozer, he lives with the Tucker family and his grandma loves him a lot!!
This is Petey his mama Erica loves him and I think he might be a bit spoiled!! He is pretty cute in his teal green harness.
This is lilly with her big brother Luke the cat!


This is Husker; he was a birthday present surprise for an 8 year old little guy named James in Nebraska. Husker is currently enjoying his first year as a 4H bunny. We can’t wait to hear how he placed at the fair.  


This is Wendell; he was purchased with the intent of becoming a therapy bunny. Wendell helps people with Alzheimer’s, mostly Jenifer’s (Wendell’s mom) grandparents. He is doing a great job and is becoming an amazing rabbit. Rumor has it he might be getting a bit spoiled though, lol.

This is Brady, we are sure that he is being over loved with Megan. He is living the good life being spoiled like every bunny should be. Brady weighed in at 11lbs at 5 1/2 months.  


This is Beauregard, Beau for short. He was a replacement rabbit for Amanda who lost her beloved doe to cancer. Beau is living the good life with his new mom.  


This is Dancer, and she got to join some other spoiled Flemish at Linda’s house.

Talked to Linda the other day, Dancer did very well at the show in Cheyenne!! Also she weighed in at 17lbs.