We have been actively breeding rabbits since 2007. Our main breeds have been flemish giants, dutch, and satins. In 2012 we added continental giants to our herd. In the spring of 2015 we built a new barn to house our rabbits and mini pigs. We added new breeding stock and took a small break from breeding rabbits so that we could concentrate on the new barn. In September of 2015 we had the opportunity to sell our small 3 acre farm in Brighton, CO and move 3 hours south to Ordway, CO to a much bigger 60 acre farm. Our goal was to be more self-sufficient and expand our operation. Shortly after our move one night we lost all but 6 of our rabbits, due to a dog pack attack!! To say the least it was devastating. So for now we are not breeding rabbits. To save the question that is already being asked no we do not have any continental giants left. Once we are over our shock we will start working on rebuilding our rabbit heard, but for now we are not breeding rabbits.

Thank you,

Steve and Kris Oldsen