We have some  rescues and older mini pigs that have retired from our breeding program here at the farm. All of these pigs are for sale but have some special requirements. Most are not house trained, some are not social. These pigs are all looking for a barn to hang out in, they would be really happy to get some scraps from the garden. Some need to be the only pig due to not being spayed/neutered. If you are interested in one of our retirement club pigs please contact us.

My name is Hamlet but I go by Hammy. I'm the Diva of the farm!
I was born 12/19/12, I'm a spayed female. I don't get along with all pigs but some I'm OK with, mostly I don't like to share my food. I'm friendly, I like to have my belly rubbed.
I was rescued out of Colorado Springs in 2014 and have been hanging out here ever since. I would really like to have a farm of my own!
I'm $100.00, if you want to come meet me please let my people know by clicking this button - Contact Us
My name is Sally. I was born 4/19/2010. I had a few litter of pigs a few years ago, but that just not my thing anymore. I'm shy but I do warm up eventually. My eye sight is not the best, so please talk to me before you touch me or make a loud noise. I'm not spayed and the vet said I'm too old to get spayed now, so I need to go to a home with no boy pigs! In my younger years I was a sneaky little girl and I would go visit the boys when I was not suppose too!
So if you have a barn and would be cool with me hanging out in a stall of my own, I'm $50.00. Contact the people that I've been hanging with.
I'm Petunia, I'm the messy eater of the group!
Violet doesn't like her picture taken, but we are working on it.
We are Petunia and Violet, we were rescued in 2015 and the people that had us said we were 3 years old back then. We first lived in Wyoming and that was not a good situation for us, so we came to live on the farm. When we arrived we were big girls!! We both went on a diet, we weren't real happy about it at first but we eventually lost weight.
The people that we lived with in Wyoming told the people on the farm that we were both spayed. So a while back we got to hang out with Frank and Bob since they didn't have a girl friend at the time. Well guess what we are not spayed!! We both had litters of piglets, the good thing is we were both great moms. Violet was a great mom and she would let the little ones eat first and she ate what was left, which wasn't much so she went from over weight to skinny!! After Violets weight loss we both got to go visit the vet in Sept 2016, he thinks we are a little older then 5 years old, he thinks we are closer to 8. He also said we are just too old to be spayed!
We are a bonded pair and we would be happier if we could stay together. We need a place with no boys.
We are $75.00 if we go together or $50.00 if we are separated. Contact the people at the farm here - Contact us
Hey my name is Frank, but my friends call me Frankie. I'm the old man here on the farm! I'm shy and a little scared sometimes, but if I know you we are cool. I was born on 1/9/2009, in the winter I grow longer hair then the other pigs but I loose most of it in the summer time. I have blue eye's and I love to use them on the ladies!! I have been a breeder here for a while and it's time for me to retire. I'm too old to get neutered now, so I need to go somewhere without any ladies, because well I'm a flirt and I wouldn't want to get to friendly with a girl since I'm in retirement, that happened a while back with violet and the child support is just killing me.
If you have a place that I can come hang out at I'm $50.00, just remember no ladies for me, contact my people and we can meet up.
Hi I'm Wilber. I was born on 10/6/2009. I been hanging out with the ladies here at the farm for a while, but I'm ready to retire! I'm looking for a farm that is quiet and doesn't have any ladies. I'm too old to get neutered so I need to be a loner which is what I am. I'm shy and a bit skittish but it you have some pumpkin I would be your best friend. I'm $50.00 and if you got a space for me please let the people know here - Contact us
Hi my name is LuLu. I was born 8/1/16 to Stella and Bob. I had a family but it just didn't work out. I am very skittish, my original family used food to get me to like them so now I'm over weight. I am litter box trained and trained to go outside. I get along well with other animals, I spend my days out in the barn with the other pigs but I like to come inside at night. I am crate trained. I'm looking for a family with some patience to help me not be so scared. I needed to be spayed!
If you would like to meet me please contact the farm. I have a $100.00 rehoming fee.
Here are the girls out enjoying the pasture. Front to back: Olive, Sally, Petunia and Violet.