We began breeding Continental Giants in 2013. Since that time we have been overwhelmed with the amount of people who wanted one. We began a waiting list in April 2013, in December 0f 2013 we realized that we had over 180 people on that list! Our two does will not be able to produce enough babies to fulfill this list in their life time. So we can not take anymore names. We are very sorry! We are looking at getting more does in the future but at this time do don't have them yet.

With that being said we ask that people quit asking to be added to the list! Please do not offer us more money, do not offer to pay to get on the list, and do not be rude and demand that we buy more does. We are flooded with request to be added to the list and it is hard for us to say no more but we must. At this point we have desided that we must simple delete all emails that are concerning Continental Giants. We spend way too much time answering questions, sending pictures and having people be rude to us due to us not having any babies available.

We are sorry that we have had to make this harsh deciesion but we must do it. So again please do not email or call requesting a continental giant. All emails will be deleted and text messages ignored. Thank you for your understanding.