We have done a lot of research on the Continental and German Giant rabbits. What we started with was knowing that we had to have them, but getting them was going to be a challenge. The first challenge was figuring out what the difference between the two was. I had to laugh when I found out that Continental are from Britain and German's are from Germany that is the difference. They are the same rabbits just from different countries. The next challenge was going to be getting them from there to here. After three years of trying to figure out how to make that happen we finally found a breeder in the States that already imported them. They have given us the opportunity to purchase our first breeding pair.

We have a lot still to learn with our new giants. The British Rabbit Council has different ways of doing things, and we Americans have gotten very use to the standards that the American Rabbit Breeders Association has taught us. So we are on a bit of a learning curve, but are very excited to enjoy this new adventure with our new giants.

I know that everyone will be asking so we will answer the question now. Yes we are starting a waiting list. These rabbits will be sold a little diffently, we have two questionairs that will be required to be completed prior to being placed on the list. The first few litters will be sold for pet only; we only have the one pair so we can’t get you a breeding pair just yet.

Meet our Continental Giant Doe 

This was Diana at two weeks old


Princess Diana

She is our first baby from Abby.

She is Dark Steel

She was born: May 28, 2013

She weighed 24lbs on 1/29/14, her ears were __ long and her over all length was __

Meet our Continental Giant Buck